There Is No Middle East

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The middle east does not exist. It is a fictitious continent founded for religious, political and economic goals by The British and French. They came up with a pact, the Sykes–Picot Agreement that created this area. And in so doing deleted Africa from International Equations. On May 16, 1916 the British and the French signed a secret deal to redraw the borders of their claimed territory, so called Middle East. This Sykes-Picot Agreement ignored and removed Africa proceeded to divide NORTH EAST Africa and dish territories to descendants of Europeans the modern white Arab...They even created the so called royal families. No wonder all Middle east countries pay allegiance to Britain and France. All other policies defining Middle Eastern politics to this day emanate from such and many other secret and public policies. Black people continue to blindly ignore this fact and yet our oils, histories and other birthright gifts continue to be consumed by invaders whilst we go hungry naked and in want!Thematik: histoire