Sumerian History, Language, Civilisation Or Tablets

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Is Sumerian History, Language, Civilisation Or Tablets Be The Oldest? What if Everything We have been Told or taught About the Bible, The Torah, Koran and even about ancient Egypt a Lie…That all along Something Fantastic With Clear Evidence from Older statues, tablets, language and records! Has been hid from us: Why? Because that way the Liars Benefit immensely ? Is Sumerian history language or civilisation the original? With Over 30 000 ancient tablets that have been discovered in North East Africa and some have been deciphered are they debunking by these tablets? Who wrote them? This is serious staff. We deal with is in here, "What became of the Black People of Sumer?" The traveller asked the old man, "for ancient records show that the people of Sumer were Black. What happened to them?" "Ah," the old man sighed. "They lost their history, so they died ." -A Sumer LegendThematik: histoire