Sophia Stewart 2017 The Matrix 4 and "The Third Eye" (1 of 2)

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How will our future look like in a very shortly? How will law enforcement change, what does technology make possible in terms of good and bad, how will currency and the use of money change? You should better know and get prepared! Sophia Stewart is a visionary, and intuitive writer, an author who speaks from a place of deep spiritual wisdom, and knowledge of quantum science. And most of all, she is certainly a very warm person! When Sophia has something to say, you'd better listen. There may be things about the matrix we live in, you may not be able to imagine could come when Sophia has the ability to foresee the future. When we listen to a visionary it is sometimes hard to grasp how things we cannot even imagine would all tie together. And so many just call this entertaining stories. But remember that it was the same with Leonardo da Vinci or Nikola Tesla back in their time, when nobody could grasp some of their ideas. The scribbled notes and drawings of Leonardo da Vinci for example, are the basis of many technical developments created in the last 100 years. We wonder how he could have known the mechanical setup of some machines would work that way when at his time the technology for building the vehicles he outlined was not even available? - Go figure... No matter, if you are a believer, a futurist, just a movie enthusiast or watched "The Matrix" and "Terminator" movies just for entertainment, it is hard to deny that they contain a lot of concepts that inspire very deep thinking. Think about it ;-) Sophia Stewart, author of "The Matrix", "The Terminator", "The Third Eye", visionary author and spiritual "oracle".Thematik: Geo-Politique