Hidden SOURCE Of Greek European Arts, Music And Sciences

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Here is a series of self mastery course. The form of learning we reveal here is so profound it will make one a genius. Before we deliver it, it is obvious we must do some house keeping first. Thus we share a book we know one must read first. This book is entitled Stolen Legacy, written By Professor George G M James. Get this book today. Read it many times over. Out of this great revelation we acquire the steps to grow great wisdom. We learn how the Greeks who are the Europeans once they penetrated into the African MYSTERIES they took them over and rebranded them as theirs. Prof James was a great teacher. He reveals the real steps on how one may become a profound fundi. It is time we TURN ON our life and spirit. According to the teachings of our ancient black ancestor thinkers and sages “man” is a dual entity. BANTU. This Bantu MUST go through a series of Training to rid off the perennial nature of the animal YOU. There is divine potential, a sacred spark of life inside a physical body.Thematik: histoire