Female Warriors. Only One Race Had QUEENS in Antiquity.

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Female Warrior Rulers. Only one race produced queens in antiquity! Yes Afrikans are the ONLY people who had queens in antiquity. We give some of them here. From Manetho, we learn that during the rulership of Naterenyi women began to also sit on the throne. Now listen to this: there is ample proof that Meritneith ; Meryet-Nit succeeded Zir hence from Naremera a woman was the third ruler of the 1st Dynasty. There is town tomb in the kings' cemetery of Abydos. Therefore she may have ruled for some years, perhaps a co ruler with, Denya. Conclusion: Remember ONLY Africa allowed women to rule. All others never allowed this. They considered women as secondary. Let us protect OUR race. Like what our ancestors taught us.Thematik: histoire