Castle Montfort, Libyan Stonehenge, the Baalbek Crack, the Temple Mount

The Temple Mount Megaliths The "ancient" cranes and other jokes The Megalithic churches of Armenia Castle Montfort, Upper Galilee Lost m

The Ignorance Of The Black Muslim

What Black Muslims or most Muslims did not know before they entered into the religion.

Many Hidden Accomplishments of African People

Taking a look at history and the accomplishments of African People that have been hidden from the world.

African Origin of European Civilization part 4

African Origin Of European Civilization Part 3

The forgotten history of black people and their impact on the European continent and culture.

African Origin of European Civilization Part 2

The Forgotten origins of European Civilization birthed by Africa and people of African descent. The influence of African culture on the world.

African origin of European Civilization Part 1

The contributions of African People throughout world history.