This is the Earth's history at a glance, at least to the best of my knowledge so far... so many new things emerge now and so fast...

Atlantis technologies. Towers and Airfleet of ancient people

Ancient towers could be used for many purposes.

Ancient skyscrapers

Shibam (Arabic: شبام‎, translit. Šibām) (often referred to as Shibam Hadhramaut) is a town in Yemen.

North East Africa: The Hidden Truth

The documentary is divided into sections: 1.

Merlin's Magic Circles

Stonehenge in central southern England is known the world over as an iconic symbol of Europe's prehistoric past.

Malcolm X - The Ballot or the Bullet - April 4, 1964

MALCOLM X 'WORLDWIDE REVOLUTION' Speech & Press Conference (FULL VERSION) 15 February 1965

SPEECH and PRESS CONFERENCE that #MalcolmX held at the Audubon Ballroom following the 14th February FIREBOMBING of his New York home by members of #El

Message To The Grass Roots - Malcolm X

November 10, 1963 Malcolm X delivers speech Message to the Grass Roots Northern Grass Roots Leadership Conference Detroit, Michigan