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Female Warrior Rulers. Only one race produced queens in antiquity! Yes Afrikans are the ONLY people who had queens in antiquity.
When we ask about the origins of the alphabet Ancient Khemet (Egypt) we always think of high culture, pyramids and great temples.

Africa Bantu Nations Speak Hieroglyphics

Bantu speak is of old. It is descendant lingual of ancient Egypt.

How Greeks Treated Bantu Hieroglyphics

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics is a symbolic language. Full of mystery.Ancient Greeks committed serious "murder".

Sumerian History, Language, Civilisation Or Tablets

Is Sumerian History, Language, Civilisation Or Tablets Be The Oldest?

AFRICA Must Change Its Name Fast. Here Is Why!

Khamithi Hiburu Ethics analysis concludes that the name or the term Africa as well as its pictorial presentation MUST BE Changed. The term appears

Black African Queen Nefertiti Stolen Again

Europeans love Our Culture Yet call us names. Queen Nefertiti Real Name Ndafaratata was and remains a true Black African Queen.

Master of Ceremonies

Many individuals cannot identify the divinity of Emperor Haile Selassie 1st outside of the biblical scriptures.

The Black Messiah Macandal