You Make My Day - by ITAL POSSE 1997 paroles & musique: V. HAREL aka Makheda recorded at Joe GIBBS studio (Kingston-Jamaica)
featuring Makheda artwork: V. HAREL
paroles & musique: V.


Giving My Love A Way - ITAL POSSE Paroles & Musique: V. HAREL AKA Makheda https://itunes.apple.com/album/id/130... ENGINEER: M.

Don't Throw Out The Bible | John Henrik Clarke

The Bible is full of African history and folklore, intertwined with Jewish myth.

Mind manipulation & the battle for the bible

90,000 years of African History

When We Ruled by Robin Walker. SO YOU THINK YOU KNOW AFRICAN HISTORY? Robin Walker takes you thru over 90,000 years of African History.

Masters Of Invention

Though most people can identify inventors Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell, they may never have heard of Lewis Latimer or Granville T.

Hidden ORIGIN Of Modern ARABS, Islam and Quranic Arabic.

The hidden history of Arabs is amazing. The modern people of Arabic origins is here by revealed. There are Two sources. Both are relevant.

There Is No Middle East

The middle east does not exist. It is a fictitious continent founded for religious, political and economic goals by The British and French.