The forgotten front: East Africa 1914-1918

the East African campaign of the First World War is the largest conflict yet to take place on African soil in terms of scale and impact. Yet, it has languished in undeserved obscurity over the years with many people only vaguely aware of its course of events.

Influenza Pandemic (Africa)

Even though the devastating “Spanish” influenza pandemic of 1918-1919 killed nearly 2 percent of Africa’s population within six months, there has been very limited investigation of this catastrophe, especially in Franco- and Lusophone Africa. This article provides the first continent-wide overview of the disaster, though it concentrates on the worst-hit sub-Saharan region.


In Plato's TIMAEUS we find a very interesting story that can shed some light to this TARTARIA MYSTERY. We explore possible reasons for the fall of the Tartarian Empire and possibly it's origins.
Our city and its culture has been under siege since Hurricane Katrina. The Crucial New Orleans is dedicated to representing New Orleans Gris Gris with honesty and integrity as practiced by the born and raised root workers in the lineage of Free Peoples of Color indigenous to New Orleans . Check out our AUTHENTIC Gris-Gris line "The Crucial No. 7":
In this video, you will see the TRUE Restored Locations of Ancient Scriptural Places — Places such as Jerusalem, Mount Zion, Ophir, Gibeon, Beersheba, AND MORE!!! You will also see Ancient Maps from as early as the 15th century, and even Ancient Maps nearly 500 years old containing Scriptural Locations such as Babylon, Ammon, and Agag. From Galilee to Nazareth; From Mount Sinai to Susa — We Will Uncover It...

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