The forgotten front: East Africa 1914-1918

the East African campaign of the First World War is the largest conflict yet to take place on African soil in terms of scale and impact. Yet, it has languished in undeserved obscurity over the years with many people only vaguely aware of its course of events.

Influenza Pandemic (Africa)

Even though the devastating “Spanish” influenza pandemic of 1918-1919 killed nearly 2 percent of Africa’s population within six months, there has been very limited investigation of this catastrophe, especially in Franco- and Lusophone Africa. This article provides the first continent-wide overview of the disaster, though it concentrates on the worst-hit sub-Saharan region.


The Knights loved our Lady tremendously and this song said to have been composed by various authors such as Hermann of Reichenau, and Bernard of Clairvaux. It was one of their favourites. They felt they could do anything while under the Virgin’s mantle.
Soul Ties, what are they, how do you get rid of them.
11 Techniques and Strategies useful in Spiritual Warfare.
This super-rare conversation between The GOAT and Irish broadcaster Cathal O'Sannon is the hands down the most insightful and reflective I have ever seen with the Champ. And it has never been broadcast on American TV.

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